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Magno IT has been fortunate to work with clients and professionals from all over the world.
This is what they say about us.
Sebastian, IT Professional
I received an offer via Linked from a Magno recruiter and I it was a pleasure from start to the end of the process. At all times I got feedback and updates about the status, not only informative but also advice and care. Everything is well explained and you feel backed up all the times. I highly recommend Magno and their team of professionals and experts for your future career choice.
Valeria, IT Professional
I've been recruited by Magno in July 2020. The onboarding process has been really smooth and efficient, in fact, all the necessary information and documentation I needed, have been sent to me in a few days. They are very supportive, helpful and they keep in touch with you in order to collect feedback on the project you are working on. Moreover, I used to have a lot of questions at the beginning and I always received replies on my emails in less than a day. If you are looking for a professional recruitment company, Magno IT is the right one!
Tessa , IT Professional
Everybody at Magno was always available for any information or help needed. Any issues were looked into and resolved. Thank you especially to Meisha and Dimitra!
Gokhan, IT Professional
I started as an expat with Magno IT a few months ago. They really take care of you. Thanks for your support. It was a pleasure for me to work with you.
Dawid, IT Professional
After more than a year of cooperation with Magno IT, I am satisfied with its course and I can sincerely recommend this agency to anyone considering participation in projects of technology companies in the Netherlands. Magno IT is still a small agency, so the advantage is good direct contact with recruiters and managers, as well as an individual approach to each contractor. In my experience I know that this is important for those who are starting their business as freelancers, because at this stage it is very good to have the support of an experienced group of people such as you can meet in Magno IT.
IT Professional
Great team to work with. You guys are always very helpful and easy to reach out and communicate. Really appreciate your immediate support whenever I needed. Thank you very much...
Tymofiy, IT Professional
Magno IT company provides me with the highest level of service. All the necessary documents are made amazingly quick, responses to questions come during a working day. The company managed for me the possibility to start working from home and, taking into consideration COVID situation, shifted some of the payments for their services. All this together made my relocation to the Netherlands smooth from all points of view. I am very grateful to my personal manager for the continued support and advice on the preparation for the interviews, the collection of necessary documents, even recommendations on choosing accommodation was provided. They run their business wholeheartedly, people for people. Highly recommend Magno IT.
Leonardo, IT Professional
Magno IT have been supported me since last year, when they recruited me from Brazil. They helped me ever since, with everything related to my documents in the NL, appointments, explained every single question that I had and they managed my career perfectly. I'm grateful to Manon and Dimitra for all the support as all the people involved. They facilitated everything to me and helped me to change my life.
Mourad, IT Professional
Currently I am happy to work for Magno IT. Hope in the future we will keep working together.
oswaldo, IT Professional
What stands out in Magno IT is the professionalism, the treatment and the confidence that they give you very naturally. The attention they dedicate to the professionals who work with them is to admire and value. They keep in touch with you in order that they may collect your concerns and may be intermediaries between you and the client. They are always available and ready to help you when you need it. After 2 years I continue working with them and I can say that it is still a pleasant experience.
Michal, IT Professional
The Magno IT team is absolutely amazing. Cooperation is transparent and smooth - I am always well informed. I appreciate your efforts to treat me with the care and attention.
IT Professional
MagnoIT is a professional recruitment and payrolling company for IT professionals. Their extensive network reach and good relations with employers and jobseekers is the secret ingredient that enables them to propose the right job opportunities to jobseekers, and find a candidate that would be a good match for employers.
Julio, IT Professional
Magno IT recruited me from Brazil to work with a big company here in the Netherlands. They did give me support and explained everything I had doubt, and I had a lot of them. Also after I started to work they continue to give me support for everything I asked help. Now I'm working as permanent employee, but it wouldn't be possible without the Magno IT help. I'm so grateful for all help received and as I said when I was leaving the company, they helped me to change my life.
Shyam, IT Professional
As an expat moving into The Netherlands, Magno IT took care of all the processes and supported me throughout. A great team of professionals. Absolutely loved working with them. Our paths might cross again in the future. Thank you for all the efforts. Cheers!!!
daan, IT Professional
I was contacted by Waseh from Magno IT regarding a project matching my skills and wishes perfectly. He explained everything very clearly in advance so there were no surprises. I am still working on this project and enjoying it everyday.
Bulat, IT Professional,
Very professional and helping team. Thank you for all the efforts!
Ali, IT Professional,
A great company to work with, they exactly know what the customer needs and find a right match between the engineer and the customer. It was great working with them, and maybe in future we will work together again. Cheers!
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