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Debby de Groot CEO and Co-Founder
My name is Debby de Groot, senior accountmanager with Magno IT. In the past I have worked for an International Recruitment organisation and for a software development company. I have now committed myself to Magno IT, a small team with big ambitions!
Every candidate and every vacancy is important to us and this attitude has provided us with an incredibly high success rate in our mediations. Never a dull moment at Magno IT, because I am responsible for the entire recruitment process and besides that my colleagues and I help eachother out whenever needed. I am enjoying myself at Magno IT!
Lara de Groot Manager Operations & Facilities and Co-Founder
As a little girl my affinity with automation became apparent when I shoved my father and the manual of the new videorecorder aside one Sinterklaas-eve and installed the device.
Years later, in 2002, I graduated as a brand new engineer in Computer Science and started my career in a young, ambitious software development company. After 9 years in various positions, from junior software engineer to project leader of an offshore development team, it was time for a new challenge.
In my exciting and diverse role at Magno IT I am responsible for our operational processes, our facilities, IT solutions and assisting my colleagues in the full recruitment process. I enjoy the contact with our clients and candidates and am motivated to achieve the highest service level for them. I'm happy to be part of an enthusiastic team always striving to make the best matches for our clients and candidates!
Hero Kamalizadeh Top Recruitment Consultant
A short introduction… My name is Hero, graduated in European Studies and working for Magno IT since 2012.
In my role as Recruitment Consultant, I work on making the perfect match between client and candidate every day. The past years I have witnessed Magno IT grow and looking back I am extremely proud of where we are now. With a fantastic team by my side, we are ready for the future!
Why Magno IT? Because we are personal, proactive and flexible!
Meisha Rossen Top Account Manager
My name is Meisha Rossen and I’ve been part of Magno IT Recruitment as of March 2014. Currently working as Account manager, responsible for a major key account and new business development, and growing every day. Each vacancy is a new exciting challenge, which I love entering in to. I am pleased to work for Magno IT Recruitment and very proud and grateful for the rest of the team, as collaboration is the key within our organization.
Manon Huijbers Senior Account Manager
My Name is Manon and since September 2014 I am a part of the amazing Magno-IT team here in Baarn. Before developing myself within Magno IT I studied Human Resource Management. It’s not without a reason that I decided to join Magno IT, as it was already clear to me during my studies that I wanted to continue in Recruitment. I love meeting new people, learning new things and matching them which allow them to grow and do their very best work. My goal is to build strong and long term relationships with my candidates and clients. Currently I’m responsible for recruitment of top technical talent from all over Europe and meeting new customers. I’m excited about working for the technical industry because it is a fast growing and changing environment. In my spare time I love traveling, cooking and hanging out with my friends.

If you believe I can be a help for you I’m happy to meet you and to find you the best suitable project, job or candidate.
Kelly van Schie Account Manager
My name is Kelly and I have joined the team of Magno IT in March 2015. During my master’s Work and Organizational Psychology at the University of Amsterdam, I became convinced that my heart lies in building bridges between people and organizations. I’m in the right place with Magno IT, a company that highly values a personal approach towards both clients and candidates. Being able to put my own values into business, helps me to happily and enthusiastically make the best matches every day!
Ivory Galeon Junior recruiter
Hi Im Ivory Galeon and I came from the Philippines. Its always been a challenge for a foreigner like me finding your niche in a foreign land. I am always driven with my passion in connecting to people, building relationships and catering their needs. Over the years, I have worked with people in different walks of life and I find it fulfilling to know that I helped them in getting them where they want to. In Magno IT, I found that same purpose. Finding the perfect job for every candidate. Everyone is driven and enthusiastic with the same goal that at the end of the day, everybody is happy. I am very happy with this opportunity and I am looking forward to working with this team for a long time.
Simon Mussche Junior recruiter
My name is Simon Mussche and I am doing my internship at Magno IT since July 2017. I study International Business and Languages at Windesheim in Zwolle. During this study I became interested in recruitment, sales and account management. At Magno IT, I do have the opportunity to develop myself in those fields. I enjoy having personal conversations with candidates from all over the globe. This also makes my work challenging. I appreciate my friendly and helpful colleagues and I am also happy that I am offered a lot of freedom in performing my tasks. Therefore, I am happy that I have chosen to do my internship at Magno IT.
Sabine Koelewijn Junior recruiter
My name is Sabine Koelewijn and I started my internship with Magno IT in September. I am a third year student Management, Economics and Law at Hogeschool Windesheim in Zwolle. During my studies I have learnt that I appreciate having contact with people. As a result, I really enjoy finding the right match between candidate and organisation. Magno IT gives me the opportunity to develop myself in this area. It is a nice organisation with kind colleagues who are always willing to help.
Gerard de Groot Manager Legal & Finance and Co-Founder
My experience in automation goes back almost 40 years; to the time of the programming language BASIC, input through Punched Tapes and Mini Computers that physically were not small at all.
As a Physics Engineer (Delft University of Technology) involved in computer based process control I obtained experience in the programming languages ALGOL and FORTRAN. Input evolved from Punched Cards to Screens.
After this, working primarily for Shell, I expanded my career to become a generalist. I did not return to (administrative) automation until the end of the Nineties.
In 2002 I started my own software company and in 2011 my daughters Debby and Lara started Magno IT together with me as participant and counsellor.
I enjoy the enthusiasm of our team while filling our clients temporary and permanent vacancies with outstanding professionals. Feedback from both professionals and clients clearly indicates that our accountmanagers and recruiters are doing a very good job for them.
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